Uruguay way be the second smallest country in South America, but that doesn't mean it's not worth visiting. Although the most common trip is the day trip from Buenos Aires over to the small town of Colonia, the best places to see in Uruguay are it's beaches. Montevideo is also an interesting city, although a lot more run down and a fair bit smaller than Buenos Aires.

General Information

Like most of South America peanuts are not used in cooking much, but are used in desserts, particularly sweets and chocolates. I did have a reaction to eating Morcilla Dulce, sweet blood sausage, finding that they do contain nuts sometimes. I would recommend avoiding them!
There is no recognised term for nuts, you need to be able to list of the nuts you are alergic to.

Peanuts - mani
Hazelnut - nuez
Almonds - Almendras

Useful Phrases

Containe mani? - does it contain peanuts
Tengo una alergica a mani - I have an allergy to peanuts
No puedo comer nuez - I can't eat hazel nuts


Montevideo: Best hospital is El Hospital Britanico

Punta del Este


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