If you've arrived here searching for advice on travelling to a certain country or continent with a nut allergy, please share your experiences on your return. We hope you have a good (and safe) trip.



Argentina is a huge and beautiful country with much to see and do! Buenos Aires is a fantastic city, there's desert, waterfalls, mountains, glaciers and more. So how easy is it to avoid nuts? As a general rule I would say not to hard. Argentinians don't have seasoning on there food, although they may do further north.

General Information

Like Uruguay be careful of confectionery particularly chocolate - that includes cakes etc. I've never had any problems with Milka but cheaper brands I've been suspicious of. Nuts are generally visible of labelled and people will help if you ask. Like Uruguay avoid the Morcilla Dulce (sweet blood sausage - like black pudding) which sometimes has peanuts in it.

Useful Phrases

Containe mani? - does it contain peanuts
Tengo una alergia a mani - I have an allergy to peanuts
No puedo comer nuez - I can't eat hazel nuts


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