Help needed - would really appreciate help with adding content - this site only works if people share their experience

Welcome to Nut Allergy Travel, hoping to plug a gap in the internet by providing helpful, country specific information about travelling with a nut allergy.


It's always been a frustration of mine that, while travelling with a peanut allergy, that it's difficult to get advice on food I can try and food to avoid, especially where I can't speak the language. It would also be nice to know things like nearest hospitals etc.

I've had a few bad experiences abroad of eating things which I really didn't expect to contain peanuts and I thought a page like this could be a good way for people to share their experiences and to save others from the same pain, worry and worse in the future.

As you would expect I take no responsibility for the reliability of the data provided, but encourage you to use it as a useful information to help you in your travels (see disclaimer). Please don't let this information stop you from asking, and where you do have things to add please do so.

So how to get started? Well find your continent through the green bar on the top right or click find a country on the bar to the left. I also need your help - please add information, details of your experience, or questions you have; the join or providing content button tells you how.

I hope the site proves useful


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